Frequently Asked Questions
Is The Language League approved by the Ministry of Education?
Yes, our centre's premises, programmes and teachers have gone through MOE's stringent checks and we are MOE registered and approved.
Why do you only specialise in English and Literature instead of offering other subjects as well?
English and Literature are our niche. Our 2 Curriculum Directors have had a combined number 30 years in curriculum design and teaching/leadership in English at preschool,  and English Language and Literature at the upper levels.
Unlike many enrichment and tuition centres, we do NOT believe in operating a "minimart" of subjects. These centres offer subjects only as and when they have qualified teachers to teach; which is why they offer diverse and often unrelated subjects for tuition (eg. EL, Maths, POA and Physics).
The Language League will not offer this buffet. We offer what we do best in- English. We make no apologies for being specialists and experts in the language.
Who are your teachers?
Primary and Secondary English Programmes:

Our teachers are former or current English teachers and former heads of department. They are NIE-trained, English graduates with teaching experience in Singapore schools.
Why should I sign my child up for a class when I can get a private tutor?
We have a stringent selection process for selecting our teachers. Only English graduates are selected and they are required to have local teaching experience.
We have received many job applications where candidates have unrelated Diplomas (eg. in IT or Engineering) and who boast 7-8 years of English tutoring experience. Naturally we DO NOT accept them into our centre as teachers. Frankly, we are concerned that parents have engaged them in the first place to teach English privately at home.
With The Language League, you are assured of a qualified English teacher who will guide your child to success in small group sizes.

Do you operate on public holidays?
No, we do not operate on public holidays, and the eves of Chinese New Year, Christmas and New Year.
What materials and notes are provided when I pay the yearly Material Fees?
We provide practice papers, extra articles for reading, notes on grammar and skills as well as the weekly worksheets for lessons.