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Shipping & Returns

Because many losses and the acquisition of a number of complaints of fraud, we need to increase our minimum service DPD next day. The service is available byDPD and you can see every step of your package. If you can your mobile number to us, you actually track your package on your smartphone

PM weekdays past orders will be shipped the same day. After leaving orders on Friday will be shipped on Monday.

Backup policy
While we hope that you are happy to trade friendsofgmhpark.org right, but we know that sometimes you want to go back. If you do, this policy is that you know all the information.

This policy applies to actions already purchased directly from your friendsofgmhpark.org your products sold by us friendsofgmhpark.org, can you immediately.

Changed mind?
We hope you enjoy all content purchased friendsofgmhpark.org. To purchase, please return it within 30 days after the date of receipt of the goods (cancellation deadline), we will be happy to offer a refund.

Note that some products in different time zones, and the return exceptions when you change your mind. We have no telephone in the 14 days following the date of the contract agreement. We will not agree to changes in the environment following: flowers once sent fruit for health and hygiene, personal items (such as toothbrushes and underwear, to open after sending at least) are not sealed or open software, DVD and CD .

We demand the return of the food rot in their lives. That is, for us to be clothed, in good condition, all tags still exist.

* To install the device and change our minds, please ask Tesco disconnected thoughts and collections. If we say you separate tools and collection, and taught us to do, you agree with a lot of money. (* Connection with the instant messaging service outlet water, electricity or gas).

If you ask us for a service (such as plant products) to start the final removal of 30 days and confirm that you can not do the installation cancels the operation, and we will need to pay any fees for services keep law. If you change your mind and the goods have broken back your money, take your money, spending more than necessary to ascertain whether the right, but, beyond any reasonable expectation.

For the money, we inform you of the decision to break eventual elimination described above, and return the item to us or relevant friendsofgmhpark.org, not later than the date of the notice of your decision your 14 day cancel email us.

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